James Anthony Starnes

James Anthony “Andy” Starnes founded Charlotte Temperature Controls (CTC) in 1990 and served as the company’s CEO for nearly three decades. With over 51 years in the industry, he now sits on CTC’s Board of Directors and serves as the company’s senior estimator, advisor, and project manager.

Drawing upon extensive experience acquired at Southern Comfort of Charlotte, including proficiency working with sheet metal, pipe fitting, steam piping, chill water piping, boilers, and building automation/temperature controls, Andy went on to establish CTC and orchestrated its exponential growth. Prior to founding CTC, Andy also held roles as a Controls Technician and Controls Foreman, while also overseeing Building Automation Service and Installation at Jack Walters, Inc.

Proud to have established a family business alongside his daughter Catherine Aldridge who serves as CTC’s CEO, and his son Chad Starnes who serves as a Controls Engineer, Andy's extensive industry knowledge and profound comprehension of the Charlotte market facilitated the continuous growth and success of CTC over multiple decades. From the onset, Andy instilled a commitment to ethical practices at CTC and fostered the development of mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and employees that have lasted decades.

Andy is particularly proud of CTC’s work on the JSOC Building at Fort Bragg where CTC installed Building Automation Systems and Energy Monitoring throughout the base. He is also proud to have installed the mechanical systems and BAS at the VA Clinic and worked on complex projects for the SouthPark Mall, Fort Mill School District, and Winthrop University where the team installed complex Building Automation Systems throughout each location.
Andy attended Central Piedmont Community College. He holds an Unlimited Mechanical License and a Certificate for Tridium Niagara installation. CTC is one of the first Niagara certified contractors in Charlotte NC.
Headshot of Andy Starnes, Founder of Charlotte Temperature Controls

Chief Executive Officer

Catherine Aldridge

As the Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte Temperature Controls (CTC), Catherine manages overall company operations, oversees employee and human resource functions, and develops strong client and industry relationships. She also manages fleet operations, oversees dispatching, handles bookkeeping responsibilities, and meticulously reviews both quotes and job performance to ensure operational excellence.

With over 20 years at CTC, Catherine is a seasoned industry professional renowned for her expertise in expanding business opportunities, nurturing emerging leaders, and fostering a close-knit company culture that resonates with employees, partners, and clients alike. Having been immersed in the family business since her childhood, Catherine possesses an intimate understanding of the elements driving CTC's enduring success over multiple decades.

Prior to CTC, Catherine gained experience in computer sales and customer support. Since joining CTC in 2003, she has demonstrated her versatility by assuming diverse roles within the organization and progressively taking on greater responsibilities, ultimately assuming leadership of the company.

Catherine takes pride in the substantial growth CTC has experienced in its service sector over the past five years, specifically. As CTC’s Operations Manager, she successfully enhanced profit margins over a six-year period, with consistent revenue growth, notwithstanding the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic. Catherine also played a pivotal role in overseeing critical projects such as the Long Animal Project Building Automation, alongside assuming control work responsibilities dating back to 2013.

Throughout her tenure with CTC, Catherine has also been instrumental in implementing numerous procedural enhancements and adopting cutting-edge software technologies aimed at optimizing operational efficiencies to more effectively manage the business.

One of the greatest joys for Catherine is the close-knit camaraderie at CTC. She specifically notes her colleague’s commitment to mutual support and excellence, where everyone strives to perform not only for their clients but also for the collective success of their team. She highlights that at CTC, you always feel like you are in it together and have each other’s backs to do an excellent job for the person beside you and for your clients.

Catherine attended Central Piedmont Community College with a focus on business and marketing.
Headshot of Catherine Aldridge, Chief Executive Officer for Charlotte Temperature Controls

Controls Division Manager

Chad Starnes

Chad Starnes serves as a Controls Engineer at Charlotte Temperate Controls (CTC). With nearly three decades at CTC, Chad has held various roles in the company. In his present position, he oversees a variety of tasks and responsibilities including estimating and project management, interfacing with contractors and GCs for scheduling, programming and installing HVAC Controls and Building Automation systems, overseeing the verification and operations of equipment, and reviewing final controls and web interface products with clients.

Additionally, Chad manages internal IT tasks for CTC, oversees inventory and materials acquisition, covers CTC’s dispatch system, and maintains relationships and service systems as needed when calls are received.

Chad is proud of the work CTC has done on the JSOC Building at Fort Bragg where CTC not only installed a new Honeywell controls system, but also had to integrate the system with their former software that runs the bases’ main system. He has also worked extensively with the VA Clinic, Long Animal Hospital, Cleveland County LeGrand Center, the Fort Mill School District, and the Winthrop University Campus Center.

Chad credits CTC’s longevity and immense success to the company having been built on integrity. With a company culture focused on prioritizing customers and their best interests, Chad highlight’s CTC’s focus on ensuring each job is done correctly and reliably.

Chad attended Central Piedmont Community College and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and holds a degree in Liberal Arts. He also holds Tridium Niagara R2, AX and N4 Certifications.
Headshot of Chad Starnes, Controls Division Manager for Charlotte Temperature Controls

Service Manager & Estimator

Hazel Carter

With over 55 years in the industry, Hazel Carter is a seasoned industry professional with exceptional depth of experience, strong client relationships, and an ability to troubleshoot challenging client needs. As a Service Manager and Estimator at Charlotte Temperature Controls (CTC), Hazel oversees all service operations and estimating, client coordination, and the supervision of the company’s service technicians.

An integral team member at CTC since 1998, Hazel has worked in several capacities for the company, from technician to field supervisor to his current management role. He is well-versed in all types of HVAC equipment and his experience spans being a certified welder, pneumatics technician, chiller technician, and an expert in a full range of equipment installation from hydronics to window units.

Hazel is proud to have worked on esteemed projects for the Veterans Affairs Clinic in Charlotte, NC, high-level projects for the U.S. military in Fort Bragg, NC, and multiple projects for the Fort Mill School District in Fort Mill, SC.

Having been with CTC for over three decades, Hazel shares that CTC is a unique and rewarding place to work. Not only are employees treated like family and well taken care of, but the company is also extremely transparent and involves their employees in important company decisions.

Hazel has a Degree in HVAC from Central Piedmont Community College. He is also Certified in Chiller Service Technology from Carrier Corp, a Certified Heat Pump Specialist, and a Pressure Vessel Certified Welder. Outside of work, Hazel has given time and service to numerous non-profits and community organizations throughout the Charlotte area.
Headshot of Hazel Carter, Service Manager and Estimator for Charlotte Temperature Controls