Charlotte Temperature Controls, Inc. is a fully licensed Electrical Contractor and offers electrical preventative maintenance contracts. It’s common for electrical issues within your system to go undetected for years before causing serious issues within the system, sometimes even causing an entire system failure, putting you at risk for expensive repairs. An electrical preventative maintenance contract ensures that a licensed technician is looking at your electrical system up to four times a year, verifying that your system is properly functioning , saving you money in the long run. We have created a specially tailored electrical preventative maintenance plan to guarantee that our commercial customer’s electrical systems are as well taken care of as the mechanical systems. Our electrical preventative maintenance contracts are as specific and as customizable you prefer, meaning that our customers are able to decide how often they want the service done annually, as well as choosing which services they want to be performed on their equipment. With flexible payments to match our flexible schedules, we make certain that an electrical preventative maintenance contract is something that all of our customers can afford.